Dog Trainer School

Dog - Trainer School

Fulfill your dreams, become a professional dog trainer! So Cal Dog Therapy Training in Riverside, California, offers certified training classes. Learn how to be a successful instructor while achieving your goal as a lifetime dog trainer.


Class Information


The 40-hour class is held at various locations each session. During the classes, trainers learn to be good communicators as your success depends on the ability to communicate with dog owners. Successful trainers have key traits such as:


  •  A Love for Animals
  •  Great People Skills

•  Patience
•  Imagination 

To prepare for class, you need to acquire and bring with you a 6-foot leather or nylon leash, a flat buckle collar (no choke or pinch collars are allowed), bite-sized treats, and current rabies certifications if you are bringing your own dog. To participate, vaccinations must be up-to-date for rabies, parvo/distemper, and bordetella. Classes will be one hour a week with your dog.

The total cost to be certified as a trainer is $350 for 3 weeks. This includes testing and certifications.

As positions become open at So Cal Dog Therapy, you will be the first to be invited to be a trainer within the company.

Specialty Training

As we have grown as a company, we have prepared ourselves to respond to specialty training within our community.

• Ex Military Personnel
• Active Military Personnel
• ADHD Children/Adults
• Medically Challenged Children/Adults
• First Responders
• Emotionally Challenged Children/Adults
• Others who may have emotional or mental problems
• Mistreated children
• Educationally challenged children
• Other customized training requests

As pet parents express their needs to us, this training can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months. We guarantee all training.

All training in this field is guaranteed and is performed with the child, adult, and family. All EVALUATIONS are free.

Contact us to join our next session to become a dog trainer.