Certified CGC and Therapy Training

After your dog has graduated basic training, their aptitude may make them a good candidate for CGC training. So Cal Dog Therapy Training in Riverside, California, offers courses for both of these titles.

CGC Training

The CGC (Canine Good Citizen) program rewards dogs that have the ability and training to be reliable and well behaved in public.
Black Dog - CGC Training


CGC is a national award.The dog and the owner are listed in the national CGC registry. This is a training course for puppies age 18 weeks to 6 months old. 


Therapy Training

If your dog is a caregiver, sign them up for our 50-hour course to become a certified therapy dog. Once the comfort and affection training is completed, this course allows you and your dog to visit places that benefit from this type of therapy including:

   •  Children with Learning Difficulties
   •  Disaster Areas
   •  Hospices
   •  Hospitals
   •  Nursing Homes
   •  Retirement Homes
   •  Schools
   •  Veterans Affairs

Therapy ID

Every therapy training class is taught one-on-one. At the end of the therapy training,  your dog is presented with an official therapy vest and identification.

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